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The Austin Fence Company is proud is number one in wood fence installation Austin,Tx and surrounding areas. We are members of the B.B.B. with zero complaints.We would like to meet with you to help you design your wood fence installation project. Call us today or request an online fence quote, and have our wood fence installers in Austin, TX build for you. As your see our average rating on our online fence reviews is 5 star.


wood fence in Austin Texas

This wood fence in Austin Texas installation project shows a tree that was on the fence line that our wood fence installers trimmed out and still kept our clients goal of privacy in mind. Our wood fence installers take our time to make sure we get each project completed to our clients satisfaction. Our wood fence builders in Austin Texas have been installing wood fences in the Austin Texas area for several years. We see each project as an oppertunity to gain more wood fence clients through positive word of mouth and good review on the websites that let our fence clients leave fence reviews. Each wood fence client in Austin Texas means  a lot to the Austin Fence Company. Other fence companies in Austin Texas follow our lead when it comes to keeping our fence clients 100 percent satisfied to raise the stakes in the fence competitive business in Austin Texas

Wood fence Austin, TX

This shadow box wood fence installation project was installed in Austin Texas by the Austin Fence Company's wood fence installers. Other wood fence companies in Austin Texas offer good prices on their fences, but the Austin Fence Company gives a competitive price plus adds the cost of the fence removal and the fence staining for free. We have found by doing this we are able to secure more wood fence jobs in Austin Texas, and we are able to gain more jobs through the great word of mouth that we get.

basket weave fence

This basket weave wood fence installation shows a very beautiful western red cedar wood. The fence companies in Austin Texas do not have as good of fence builders as the Austin fence company does. Fence companies in Austin Texas have copied the way the Austin Fence Company has done our Austin wood fence projects for a while now. Their are very few wood fence installers in Austin TX who can install a wood fence as well as the Austin Fence Company.



horizontal privacy fence Austin,Texas

The fence builders in Austin Texas the Austin Fence Company who built this wood fence installation trimmed the fence around and managed to keep full privacy. Austin fence contractors have built full privacy fences for years to provide our fence clients with the type of fences they desire. We found as Austin fence contractors our client like the fact that we build all types of fences in Austin Texas. Each one of our clients that choose us as their Austin fence contractor have made a wise choice. We will deliver as wood fence installers in Austin Texas wood fences that keep our clients coming back.


horizontal privacy fence Austin,Tx

The Austin wood fence installers show another case of those trees that provide shade being trimmed around to provide maximum privacy.

cap and trim fence Austin, Tx

The Austin wood fence installation teams cap and trim fence shows two arched wood gates and beautiful cedar wood. Let our wood fence installers build for you.



wood fencing Austin, Texas ll

Here is another example of how the Austin wood fence installation team builds our custom horizontal wood fence. Our wood fence installers have years of building experience under our belts.


horizontal fence installation Austin

Austin wood fence installation teams horizontal wood fence with step ups to keep the fence level at the top and incline with the grade. Our Austin TX wood fence installers are proud to work for the Austin Fence Company. We pride ourselves in having the best of the best wood fence installers.

privacy fence Austin

The Austin wood fence installation crew shows a board on board-shdow box-cap and trim fence better known as a california shadow box fence. Our wood fence installers have years of experience in Austin TX We feel that we have the best wood fence installers.



horizontal wood fence Austin,Tx


Austin fence company's wood fence installation crews horizontal fence projects come with free stain. Let our wood fence installers in Austin,TX build for you.